Keyboard Shortcuts

Many features of Choosle can be accessed directly via one key press.
Save Ctrl-S Save pending changes to the server.
Copy Y Make your personal copy of this Choosle.
Swap Rows/Columns W Show options in columns/rows and factors in rows/columns.
Compact View M Toggle between the compact and the details view.
Show/Hide Infos I Show/hide the Choosle information and sources texts.
Sort S Sort rows according to their weight (factors) or score (options).
Add A Add an option or factor.
Open Details D Open the Choosle details dialog with language and keywords.
Share, Publish P Open the share dialog to allow others to access and notify them.
Open History H Open a dialog with the change history of the Choosle.
Rate/Weight +/- In/decrease the rating or the weight of the current selection (argument, factor).
12345 Rate or weight the current selection (argument, factor) in 5-star (rating: -100, -50, 0, 50, 100) or bar (weight: 20, 40, 60, 80, 100%) mode.
Comment C Comment the current selection (Choosle, option, factor, argument).
Delete Del Delete the current selection (option, factor, argument).
Copy&Paste Ctrl-C Copy the current selection (option, factor, argument) to the session clipboard.
Ctrl-X Moves the current selection (option, factor, argument) to the session clipboard.
Ctrl-V Replaces the current selection (option, factor, argument) with the last clipboard entry.

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