Keyboard Shortcuts

Many features of Choosle can be accessed directly via one key press.
Save Ctrl-S Save pending changes to the server.
Copy Y Make your personal copy of this Choosle.
Swap Rows/Columns W Show options in columns/rows and factors in rows/columns.
Compact View M Toggle between the compact and the details view.
Show/Hide Infos I Show/hide the Choosle information and sources texts.
Sort S Sort rows according to their weight (factors) or score (options).
Add A Add an option or factor.
Open Details D Open the Choosle details dialog with language and keywords.
Share, Publish P Open the share dialog to allow others to access and notify them.
Open History H Open a dialog with the change history of the Choosle.
Rate/Weight +/- In/decrease the rating or the weight of the current selection (argument, factor).
12345 Rate or weight the current selection (argument, factor) in 5-star (rating: -100, -50, 0, 50, 100) or bar (weight: 20, 40, 60, 80, 100%) mode.
Comment C Comment the current selection (Choosle, option, factor, argument).
Delete Del Delete the current selection (option, factor, argument).
Copy&Paste Ctrl-C Copy the current selection (option, factor, argument) to the session clipboard.
Ctrl-X Moves the current selection (option, factor, argument) to the session clipboard.
Ctrl-V Replaces the current selection (option, factor, argument) with the last clipboard entry.

How to resize an image?

You first select the element with the image. Then you click on the image and see a small, blue menu right below the image.
Choosing "change" will open a dialog with the image URL, the alignment and the width and height. Enter a suitable width (~160px is a good guess). To resize proportionally leave the height empty.

What is the difference between the sliders and the 5-star controls?

Only the visual representation and the way you can use it. All the rating values range from -100..0..+100. Sliders show a red background for values < 0, a gray (empty) background for the value 0 and a green one for values > 0. A 5-star control shows up to 3 red stars for values < 0, 3 gray stars for the value 0 and 3..5 green stars for values > 0. When you click on 1 star, you rate with the value -100, two stars -50, three stars 0, four stars +50 and five stars +100. So you can use the 5-star control for a roughly rating to start with and, if needed, the sliders for fine tuning.

Why are some stars gray?

In the 5-star rating control you have only 5 rating levels. The middle (3 stars) represents the neutral, zero rating in gray. Negative ratings (1 or 2 stars) are in red and positive ones (4 and 5 stars) in green.

Why can't I use some product selection Web page instead?

Of course you can. And you should! A good product selection service offers many specialized features to narrow down the huge number of products out there. But when you are in the final round, when there are only a few candidates from different web pages left, you can add your personal criteria in Choosle and go from there.

How do I know which options to compare?

A good source to find the options, that you want to have competing against each other, is the Web. There are thousands of web sites that can help you to find different products, solutions and offers which often allow you to filter on some factors.
Another good source is asking your friends and colleagues. Simply send them an "edit" link to your Choosle and ask them to add their wisdom.

How to use the Share function?

To to get to the share function, just navigate to a Choosle you have created (or use the http://....admin link), select the "manage" - "Share" menu. The share function pop-up will display.

There are three options to share a Choosle, that can be used in any combination.
  • Public (Open to the public with read-only access)
  • Modify (Allow to modify the content)
  • Full Access (Allow to use all the features)
A selected Public check box will make your Choosle viewable to the public. It allows all users access to view your specific Choosle as well as make comments. The content is read-only and un-editable.

A selected Modify check box will allow your Choosle content to be edited. However, you need to send the link just below the modify checkbox to the person or persons you would like to be able to edit your Choosle. You can deactivate this link later.

A selected Full Access check box will allow your Choosle to be fully accessed. However, you also need to send the link just below the full access checkbox to the person or persons you would like to have the full access. They will basically have access to all the functions, such as delete and even the sharing rights mentioned here. If you uncheck the Full Access checkbox, they again will no longer have access (unless they changed the sharing rights before you ;).

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